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When I go to out to east, I love seeing things that I absolutely could not, or would not, make on my own. While I know exactly how I like my eggs fried and my bacon cooked, if I was put in a kitchen with all of the ingredients for anything more complicated than that all I would end up with is a burned and inedible mess. That’s why I was so happy when I went to Crazy Egg today with Heather. Not only did they have eggs Benedict, which is my favorite thing that I have no clue how to make, but they had seven different varieties of it!

So while I pondered what “benny” I wanted to devour today, I sipped my coffee and relaxed. The Sunday rush was just filtering out, but the place was still packed. It wasn’t too loud, and we had a nice view of the street. Heather had been craving a waffle all morning, so it was no surprise to me when she got that. I only decided at the last moment, and ordered the corned beef benny.

Crazy Egg /

Crazy Egg /

I used to absolutely despise corned beef, and the very smell of it made me sick. It never ceases to amaze me just how much my own tastes can shift, because when I bit into my breakfast I knew I’d made the right choice. It had the ingredients of a Reuben sandwich; provolone, rye bread, and corned beef topped with an egg and slathered with hollandaise sauce which made for an unexpectedly delicious flavor. I also got a side of home fries, which I coated with ketchup and hot sauce and devoured on the spot.

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In between bites of my own breakfast, I managed a taste of Heather’s waffle. I had almost forgotten how great a waffle can be, when it had just that right level of crispiness coated in syrup. If I hadn’t been so preoccupied with my own food I would have likely tried to snag more bites from hers! We actually had to try and stop ourselves halfway through because we’d gobbled it all up so quickly, but the pause just about lasted as long as it took to set our utensils down.

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Passing the clean plate test!

I certainly have a new place to have a great breakfast, and I’m looking forward to working through all of their different varieties of bennies in the weeks to come. The service was quick, polite, and attentive. And though she will never admit it, I think that Heather might just like their eggs better than the way I cook them.

Heather: My waffle was absolutely delicious, and everything I had been craving. There was a light dusting of powdered sugar on it, just enough to taste without it being overpowering. Our server, Will, was fantastic and made sure we had everything we needed. The prices were standard for breakfast in the area, but the coupon we had for 1/2 off a second entree definitely made the trip extra worthwhile!

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Crazy Egg
954 Edgewood Ave S
Jacksonville, FL
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