Culinary Adventures on the Space Coast, Florida

The Space Coast is a short drive for us, and makes for a fantastic day trip. We’ve recently found some culinary spots that have easily become favorites and make the drive seem that much shorter.

Ossorio / Cocoa, Florida /

Alex: It was an early Saturday morning when we were roused up to visit Ossorio for breakfast. The fog was heavy in Historic Downtown Cocoa, the normally lively streets were empty and quiet the bright beachy colors contrasting sharply with the all-encompassing fog. The cafe itself sits on the corner of Harrison and Brevard Street, happily wafting delicious smells into the early morning mist.

Ossorio / Cocoa, Florida /

Seating was plentiful this early in the morning, but it was easy to see how popular this place was. Ossorio has been churning out the Space Coast’s best pastries for more than a decade, and it shows in the quality and variety extant in almost a dozen different kinds croissants. Nor does the menu skimp on the other meals, with wood fired pizza and sandwiches in a beautiful copper oven. On a hot day, you can swing by for homemade ice cream on your way to the beach!

In the spirit of the early hour, we decided against an early morning ice cream cone and instead opted for more traditional breakfast treats out of the dry case, along with the sautéed mushroom and Swiss omelet for good measure. It was a difficult task making a decision on any one treat, so we ended up getting three.

Ossorio / Cocoa, Florida /

The Prosciutto ham with Béchamel and cheese was one of the first bites, and it blew me away. Salty and rich flavors of the ham and cheese made this far more than a dressed up meat pie. The buttery goodness of the croissant just went perfectly, my only lament is that I didn’t think to order another one to go.

Ossorio / Cocoa, Florida /

The omelet was about all one can expect from a well-made omelet. Neat and simple, with a side of small fruits it made a good enough breakfast on its own. The sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese was a delightfully gooey mess in the middle which made sure each bite had just the right combination of flavors. It was a good simple combination of flavors, even if it wasn’t quite as spectacular as one of the pastries.

Ossorio / Cocoa, Florida /

One of the most gasp-worthy items was the croissant bread pudding with caramel sauce. A good bread pudding is one of the best things that can be made in a kitchen, and one made with croissants is just as delicious as you can imagine it. The little bits of dried fruit inside helped balance out the sweetness, and the whole top layer still had the flaky crisp of a croissant that put it above and beyond. It’s definitely a treat that you don’t want your taste buds to miss! We didn’t get a chance that morning, but I would imagine that a scoop of the homemade ice cream would be right at home on a hot day.

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Green Room Cafe / Cocoa Beach, Florida /

Heather: After completing our “I Dream of Jeannie Tour“, we decided to stop by the Green Room Cafe in Cocoa Beach. This beach style organic restaurant is full of bold colors and a menu where you can feel good about ordering anything.

Green Room Cafe / Cocoa Beach, Florida /

Green Room Cafe / Cocoa Beach, Florida /

I finally settled on The Yogi wrap, which packs hummus, avocado, cheese, cucumbers, sprouts, tomatoes, carrots, Romaine lettuce, red cabbage, and mushrooms into a grilled wrap. I ordered it without the cheese to make it vegan. Also included was a nicely sized portion of chips and salsa. The wrap was so colorful and all of the ingredients were deliciously fresh. Alex asked what I thought after my first bite, and I said “It’s like a vegetable garden in my mouth.” If you’re a sprout lover, I recommend ordering it with extra sprouts. It was a great combination of flavors, and a wrap I’d order again.

Green Room Cafe / Cocoa Beach, Florida /

Green Room Cafe also offers an extensive array of smoothies, which we’ll definitely be sampling on our next visit. The relaxed atmosphere and the well-prepared food should make this a must-stop when you visit Cocoa Beach.

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Alex: Later in the day, we stopped by the Cocoa Beach Brewing Company on Atlantic Avenue. This beachside nano-brewery has been providing the best locally brewed beer for more than five years in one of the oldest buildings in the area. Inside the tasting room it’s a very low key with relaxed atmosphere.

Once we made our introductions to the bartender, it was time to taste some of the beer. The two beers on tap were the award-winning “Not Just Some Oatmeal Stout” and the “Cocoa Beach Dirty Blonde”, both of which were excellent and refreshing. The Stout was a great dark beer with thick hearty flavor and just a touch of sweetness. The Dirty Blonde had a bit more of a kick than I was expecting, but was enjoyable.

The Cocoa Beach Brewing Company is certainly on to something down there. Base off of how good these two were some of the other brews not on tap like the Key Lime Cerveza and Oktoberfest Lager will have us driving back down to give them a taste.

Cocoa Beach Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

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