Green Truck Pub – Savannah, Georgia Restaurant

Green Truck Pub / Savannah, Georgia /

It was late afternoon on a Saturday, and the atmosphere was tense. Everywhere we had looked for dinner was booked out, and we were beginning to feel a little desperate. Dinner had to be somewhere worthwhile, and we couldn’t just grab fast food while we were vacationing in one of the most beautiful cities in Georgia. There was one last alternative, a burger joint down the road from our Airbnb host; the Green Truck Pub.

Green Truck Pub / Savannah, Georgia /

The pub itself was a converted fast food joint. From the outside, you can still see the blocked drive-thru with its ancient and scarred menu. Outside, there were at least a dozen people waiting, sipping beer and relaxing in the cool Savannah evening. It was a good sign that we’d come to the right place, but even so we were a bit reticent with the 45 minute wait. However, we’d heard great things about the place and it would be either the Green Truck or the Kroger down the street. The answer was obvious.

Green Truck Pub / Savannah, Georgia /

We got on the waiting list, and before we knew it we were being led to our table. The front counter had been converted into a bar, and plenty of seating gave the interior a comfortable and cozy feel. You could tell that you were in a former fast food joint, but only if you squinted just right.  The menu looked incredibly promising, and the beer list went on for several delicious pages. We started out with the Georgia Nuts, a mixture of pecans and walnuts roasted with rosemary.

Heather: I loved the rosemary nuts. Alex thought they were a little overwhelming with their flavor, but I’m a big rosemary fan. Thankfully we didn’t eat all of them, so I brought them home as my Savannah souvenir and enjoyed them at work today.

Green Truck Pub / Savannah, Georgia /

Alex: Heather got their classic cheeseburger as a veggie patty, and I got the Blue Ribbon; a regular meat patty with a slice of griddled ham, cheese, and all the fixings. Both of us had been sorely tempted by the special of the day, a cheeseburger topped with collard greens and all sorts of other goodies, though in the end we both stuck with our first choices.When we were reading up on the place, a lot of people had been talking about how it was the best burger they had ever had. And it was one tasty burger! It was cooked to perfection; the cheese was perfectly melted on the ham and all of the lettuce and tomatoes tasted so crisp and fresh I felt like I was biting into a garden. They make their own pickles and ketchup; and their homemade feel greatly contributed to the incredible flavor. The ketchup tasted less like traditional ketchup and more like a thickened tomato soup, which made it a much more unique experience than any other burger place I’d ever been to. It goes without saying that the grass fed patty was excellent, and it was great to enjoy a burger where the ingredients and the arrangement are both in balanced excellence.

Green Truck Pub / Savannah, Georgia /

Heather: My veggie burger was absolutely fantastic. Definitely not a freezer package veggie burger. Although I had originally wanted meat, I decided it would be better for us to try a different variety of their offerings. You can also order your meal with chicken as the meat. Loved all the choices!

Green Truck Pub / Savannah, Georgia /

Alex: In the end we were really thankful that other places had been so booked up, and that we’d had the patience to wait for one of the best dining experiences we had in Savannah. It was great to see something like a chain fast food restaurant turned into the exact opposite, at least in terms of the quality of the food served. I would be happy to visit the Green Truck Pub again, and I’d love to bring anyone else who’d like to have a taste of the most delicious burger in Savannah.

Green Truck Pub
2430 Habersham St
Savannah, GA

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