Spontaneous Dining at Sushi Cafe – Jacksonville

Alex: My daily drive from work is pleasant; its all small streets, old homes, and little boutiques. On my way home today I picked up Heather from the Cummer, where she was seeing Jim Draper’s new exhibit with her friend.

I slow down to a crawl outside of the museum, courtesy of the pedestrian stoplight being pressed every five seconds or so by eager museum-goers. Heather jumps in the car and explains something about butterflies. Between the road and the gaggle of pedestrians I notice she’s holding a butterfly she made. We then talk about our days while driving through the slowly darkening streets.

She’s hungry. I felt the overwhelming urge to devour something colorful. We settle on sushi.

We pull into the Publix parking lot at the corner of Margaret and St. John’s, and fight several other drivers in a series of brutal stare-downs to secure a spot in that madhouse of a parking lot. After successfully parking we make our way into Sushi Cafe.

Sushi Cafe Jacksonville / OutsideTheDen.com

The ambiance inside is nice. It was a welcome change from most sushi places that seem to think that sushi is best enjoyed in near-twilight conditions. They have an interesting layout that wraps around the kitchen, and we sit at a booth at the far end.

The prices are all fairly reasonable; special rolls ranging from nine to just over ten dollars and most basic rolls being around four to six dollars. A few of the special rolls catch my eye. I order a Sweetheart (Spicy Tuna roll wrapped in salmon) and a Monster (Dragon roll with extra cream cheese, something else). Heather sees something with sweet potato and jumps for it (The Blue Ocean) and a Jag.

Sushi Cafe Jacksonville / OutsideTheDen.com

Service is quick, we get our waters and Miso soup quickly, and we were just finishing the soup as the sushi arrives. The Sweetheart roll is shaped, predictably, into little hearts of salmon. The others off to the side look fairly standard. The Monster roll is probably both of our favorites tonight, with the Blue Ocean being just short of excellent. After a few bites we both realize that neither of us really cares for deep-fried rolls like the Jag, so it was eaten mostly out of pity. We finish off most of our meal and saved the rest for a nice lunch for me tomorrow. The bill and tip came in at $36, which was nice for a mid-week night out.

Overall the meal was very good, and we wouldn’t hesitate to visit again.

We leave in good spirits, only to once more to dive into the breach of the post-work parking lot.

Sushi Cafe
2025 Riverside Avenue #204
Jacksonville, FL

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