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Alex: Today was a day of many firsts. It seemed like every time we stopped for a bite, it was at a place we were trying for the first time. Our first stop after a visit to the Mandarin Historical Society was a much-anticipated visit to The Salty Fig. This food-truck turned establishment has been on our radar for a while now since it opened to good reviews last December, but the stars never seemed to quite line up for a proper visit.
The stars were aligned today (though it was late noon) and it was time to finally make our way there. We parked a few blocks down from the Fig, knowing that parking would only get worse the further down King Street we would go (the Gate River Run was today, of course). Fortunately for us, this would take us right past Sweet Theory, the new vegan bakery that we’d also heard great things about, and would become the second of our “firsts” that we would experience today.

The Salty Fig /
It wasn’t terribly busy, so we managed to get seated right away. The interior was decorated very nicely, not cluttered with art or random stuff on the walls, but enough to look at when the small talk died down. The ceilings were high, with painted pipes going here and there, and the manager’s office overlooked the main seating area, which gave the whole interior a very unique look.

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The menus were nice and simple, detailed lists of ingredients for each dish. It really maintained their gourmet food truck aesthetic. We’d heard great things about their gorgonzola chips, so I ordered a plate while Heather got a bowl of their sweet potato ginger soup as our appetizers. Service was prompt, and before I knew it I had a veritable mountain of hand cut potato chips smothered in cheese and drizzled with delicious vinaigrette. It was obviously a dish made for sharing, but I probably tore through at least half of it on my own, my only complaint being that it could have used a bit more of the vinaigrette. Heather’s soup was tasty, but I had absolutely no regrets about ordering the chips.

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Unfortunately our dining companions hadn’t ordered any appetizers, so they felt like the wait for their particular entrées was a bit too long. However, having stuffed myself to the brim with delectable potato goodness, I was disinclined to agree. More so, I welcomed the welcomed the opportunity to digest between dishes.

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For my main course, I ordered the fish tacos. I love Mahi-Mahi in any iteration, but especially wrapped in a tortilla. Though I ended up dripping some of the mango salsa out the end of the taco despite my best efforts, it was worth the minor spillage. The side salad included with it was a bit less than stellar, but I think that was due more to my choice of dressing than any particular failure of the greens. Heather had ordered her own salad, the blue pear salad. I tried a few bites, but the only thing I could taste was the blue cheese, and I couldn’t tell what sort of dressing was on it.

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Overall it was a great experience. My food was good, the prices were reasonable for the quality and quantity of food received, and the waitstaff was attentive. I would certainly visit again with other friends, though next time I would insist that they also get an appetizer or salad so that there would be less time spent being stared at as the only people with food to eat. Also, while I’d recommend those chips to anyone with a heartbeat, I’d also recommend asking for extra vinaigrette.

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Heather: The sweet potato ginger soup was definitely a different take on the abundance of sweet potato dishes around town (I will almost always order something if it includes a variation of sweet potato). I really enjoyed the mix of flavors, and it would be something I ordered again. I don’t normally order salads as an entree, but the description for the Blue Pear salad was too good to pass up. Unfortunately the cheese over powered everything else, so unless you are a die-hard blue cheese fan I would skip that particular salad.

The Salty Fig
901 King St
Jacksonville, FL

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